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Finetech E-Waste Recycling Private Limited is leading renowned company for EPR consultant, Ewaste, Recycle and Computer Parts in India. We want to introduce our self as a consultant in EPR authorization registration. Services that Finetech Recycling Private Limited can aid in related with EPR Authorization with concerned regulations
We are consultant for
• EPR authorization for E-waste, Plastic Waste, Battery Waste registration
• BIS certification in India
• Legal Metrology Registration
• Return filling quarterly and annually
• Making end of life products and waste disposal marking
• Acquiring pan India authorization


• Vehicle scrapping plant
• Plastic waste recycling plant
• Ewaste recycling plant setup
• E-waste license
• EPR license
• EPR authorization

Finetech Ewaste Recycling Pvt Ltd

Why EPR Certification?

Electronic waste, or e-waste, refers to discarded electronic devices such as computers, laptops, smart phones, televisions, and other electronic equipment. With rapid technological advancements, the lifecycle of electronic devices has become increasingly shorter, leading to a surge in e-waste generation. Unfortunately, improper disposal and management of e-waste pose significant environmental and health risks. E-waste contains hazardous materials, including heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium, as well as harmful substances like brominates flame retardants. When improperly handled, these toxic materials can contaminate soil, water, and air, posing threats to human health and ecosystems. E-waste recycling plays a vital role in mitigating these risks and conserving valuable resources.

Our Services

At Finetech Recycling Pvt Ltd, we offer comprehensive e-waste recycling solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses, organizations, and individuals. We have tie up with different recyclers for processing of waste.

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Why to consider our exclusive service?

E-Waste Collection and Transportation
We offer comprehensive e-waste collection services, ensuring the safe and secure handling of electronic devices throughout their journey from your doorstep to our state-of-the-art recycling facility. Our trained professionals adhere to stringent safety protocols to minimize any potential risks during the collection and transportation process.

Secure Data Destruction
Data security is a top priority when it comes to disposing of electronic devices. At Finetech EWaste Recycling Private Limited, we prioritize the protection of your sensitive information. Our expert team follows industry-leading data destruction techniques to ensure complete eradication of data from your electronic devices, safeguarding your privacy and confidentiality.

Environmentally Responsible Recycling
As a responsible e-waste recycling company, we strictly adhere to all national and international regulations governing the safe disposal and recycling of electronic waste. Our advanced recycling facility is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and processes to extract valuable materials and components while minimizing environmental impact and preventing hazardous substances from entering the ecosystem.

Resource Recovery and Recycling
We are committed to maximizing the recovery of valuable resources from e-waste. Our recycling processes focus on extracting and recycling precious metals, rare earth elements, and other valuable materials found in electronic devices. By doing so, we contribute to the conservation of natural resources, reduce the need for raw material extraction, and promote a sustainable circular economy.

Compliance and Certifications
Finetech EWaste Recycling Private Limited operates in full compliance with the E-Waste Management and Handling Rules, 2016, and other relevant national and international standards. We are a registered and authorized e-waste recycling company, ensuring that your e-waste is handled responsibly and in accordance with legal requirements. Our commitment to transparency and accountability is reflected in our certifications and accreditations.

Corporate and Consumer E-Waste Solutions
We offer tailored e-waste recycling solutions for both corporate clients and individual consumers. Whether you are a business looking to dispose of a large volume of electronic waste or an individual with a few outdated devices, we have the expertise and infrastructure to meet your specific requirements.


Why to choose us?

  1. Environmentally Conscious Practices: We prioritize environmental preservation and sustainable practices in every aspect of our operations. By choosing Finetech EWaste Recycling Private Limited, you can be confident that your e-waste is handled responsibly, minimizing harm to the environment and human health.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology and Infrastructure: Our recycling facility is equipped with advanced technology and machinery to ensure efficient and effective processing of e-waste. We constantly invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of e-waste recycling innovations.
  3. Compliance and Certifications: We strictly adhere to all applicable regulations and hold necessary certifications and authorizations. When you partner with us, you can trust that your e-waste is being handled by a reputable and legally compliant company.
  4. Data Security and Confidentiality: We understand the importance of data security and employ industry-leading techniques to ensure the complete destruction of data from your devices. Your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us.
  5. Social Responsibility: As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we actively promote awareness and education about responsible e-waste management. We believe in engaging with communities, businesses, and institutions to foster a culture of sustainability. 

Meet our Vision

Our company was founded with a clear vision to create a sustainable future by responsibly managing waste. We aim to minimize the adverse environmental and health effects caused by improper disposal of different devices. Through our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge recycling processes, we strive to promote the circular economy and reduce the ecological footprint of the electronics industry.

Importance of E-Waste, Plastic, Battery waste Recycling

Waste material is a form of energy if we use it properly. While reusing we must take care of harmful effects of gases and other toxic elements. As per rule 2022 every manufacturer, producer Brand owner of electronic equipment has to take EPR
We have tie up with different Recyclers in different state to provide end to end solution
At Finetech Recycling Pvt Ltd, we offer comprehensive e-waste recycling solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses, organizations, and individuals. We ensure that your electronic devices are handled with utmost care and processed in an environmentally responsible manner. Our recycling processes comply with all relevant regulations and industry best practices.
Commitment to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
We firmly believe in the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). EPR is a policy approach that holds manufacturers accountable for the entire lifecycle of their products, including their proper disposal. As part of our commitment to EPR, we collaborate closely with electronics manufacturers, retailers, and policymakers to establish sustainable product design, improve recycling infrastructure, and create awareness about responsible e-waste management.
Through EPR programs, we work towards establishing a closed-loop system where manufacturers take responsibility for the environmental impact of their products from production to end-of-life management. By actively engaging in EPR initiatives, we promote a more sustainable and circular economy, driving positive change in the electronics industry.

Clients Feedback

The collection and disposal process were efficient and well-organized. They promptly scheduled a pickup at my location, and their staff arrived on time. They handled the packaging and transportation of the electronic devices with care, ensuring they were properly secured.
Another aspect that impressed me was their dedication to sustainability. They made sure to maximize the recycling potential of each device, extracting valuable materials and minimizing waste. It's great to see a company taking such proactive steps to reduce electronic waste and its impact on the environment.
Overall, I highly recommend Finetech Ewaste Recycling Pvt Ltd for their outstanding services in e-waste disposal and recycling. Their professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to sustainability make them a top choice for anyone looking to responsibly dispose of their electronic devices.

Pramod Sharma

Pramod Sharma


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